2016. What a year! We fought the good fight, but as the curtains fell on the last days of the year, somehow the outcomes of our fates seemed as logical as a coin toss. The year proffered some baffling entrances and exits as debates raged, people roared and music lost some of time’s most beloved legends; greats like David Bowie, Prince and Leonard Cohen took their very last bows. Not that we’re only intent on spreading doom and gloom here. 2016 is considered by many to be one of the best music years in recent history, with groundbreaking albums crossing all genres.

After taking a week to digest, we took a trek around the Songtradr office to see what everyone was listening to in 2016.

Bentley F: Justice – “Woman”

“Woman” had unmatched vibes and Susan Sarandon dancing in the title song to boot.

Steve K: Metallica – “Hard Wired to Self-Destruct”

This album was Metallica doing their thing and kicking ass the way rock should be.

Victoria W: Twenty One Pilots – “Blurryface”

Intense, tasty production where I can channel my inner angst and makes me groove even when I don’t feel like it.

Erin D: Angel Olsen – “My Woman”

It sounds beautiful, shows her development as an artist (both in songwriting style and production quality) and it hits me right in the gut.

Ben K: David Bowie – “Blackstar”

It’s a haunting and prophetic parting gift from an icon whose consistently brilliant, creative work has played a meaningful part in making up the soundtrack to my life.

Kyle W: Frank Ocean – “Blonde”

“Blonde” is beautiful, it’s diverse, it’s deep. Frank brings together so many different R&B, soul, and hip hop elements along with profound lyrics and thought-provoking interludes.

Zac H: Lewis Del Mar – (Self Titled) 

For me, it takes a certain criteria to even be considered one of my favorite albums of the year. Is the whole album amazing, do I listen through it without even noticing, with each listen do I discover something new, do I push replay instantly, is it hard to pick a favorite song, is it new with a certain familiarity, and is it catchy? This album meets and exceeds each of my requirements with its amazing songwriting, performance, and production.

Eric T: Esperanza Spalding – “Emily’s D+Evolution”

In a year that stole iconic artists from our lives, Esperanza gave birth to a new legacy.

Mark B: Anderson .Paak “Yes Lawd!”

Unique, awesome production quality that you don’t often see in this genre. That to go along with a generational talent in Anderson .Paak.

Harmony L. Dorothy – “ROCKISDEAD”

Has a great throwback stomp-rock vibe.

Paul W: Queen – “A Night at the Opera”

An album which is not only incredible for the period, but continues to speak to the generations. One of my all time favorites that always brings me back to the magic of when I was first discovering music.

There you have it, the albums that got us through the year! Rock on!



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