Hello music lovers!

We’re getting bigger by the month and no, you won’t be cracking any politically correct social mores by asking about the growing bulge beneath our figurative sweaters!

As creators of music and product, we are in a sense, all parents, are we not? For this month’s theme, however, we are going to refer to the exciting growth of our global team. Get ready for the birth. This baby’s gonna be insane!

And now to the monthly wrap-up of a few of our many wonderful bundles of joy!


Success from our Deals Board

Music makes the month of May magnificent! Thousands of songs are being selected for an extensive variety of uses, making Songtradr the only platform in the world to connect independent artists and songwriters to deals across all licensing spheres. Monumental!


Billboard Movie

This one’s pretty interesting because we’re not just talking straight up cinema, but ‘a multi-phase, cross-platform, transmedia project based on a feature-length comedic film, play & web-series’. Thanks to everyone who submitted. Final choices are scheduled for July by the Billboard team who are working exclusively with Songtradr on this project.



New Songtradr teams hatch around the globe!

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our new team members. Let’s start in S.E. Asia where Mike, Cristel and Bel are hard at work. Jotaro’s making a whole lotta noise in Japan and then a quick zip up north to the U.K. where Charlie and Jana are plugging in. Welcome to the team guys! (…and any resemblance to the guy hatching out of the egg is purely coincidental, promise.)


Viceland Placement for “Issues”

TV Channel, Viceland’s show, King of the Road continues the mayhem with their episode entitled, “The Quickest Piss in the West!” and it’s also the new home for “Issues”, the track by Songtradr artist, BOPS.


Get downloaded and into private!

‘Download’ is not a dirty word, nor is ‘Private’, and here’s why. This partnering brings Songtradr artists’ music into the company’s massive network of download kiosks in private businesses around the world.


Songtradr partners with major US Ad Agency

Wanna be seen? Be heard? Songtradr artists score the exclusive opportunity to showcase before influential tastemakers and connect with global brands. We can’t wait to introduce our amazing artists to ad creatives and help secure featured syncs in advertising campaigns. ‘Ad’ this incredible Songtradr partnership to the list folks!


May’s College Radio Selects

Once again, we are delighted to announce the next 5 of our talented artists who have been chosen for promotion across 300+ college radio stations around the country through our partnership with one of America’s leading college radio promotion companies. The Proper, Souplusmind, Jane’s Party, Drag Me Over the Rainbow, Kaii Dreams…nicely done!


On the radio, woah…

Donna Summer sang about a different kinda radio but we’re not about to quibble. It’s not every day we get to hear ourselves on the radio but Songtradr artists can with this innovative overhead music service provider scooping up Songtradr artists’ tracks to ride their massive in-store radio waves!

Some of the great companies we work with…