From the LA Times, Ethan Varian:

Like so many independent musicians, singer-songwriter Ashley Dudukovich is used to crashing on a stranger’s couch.

Over the past few years, the Florida-based indie/pop musician has toured relentlessly on a shoestring budget, building a small but loyal fan base that helped her raise money to release a handful of singles and music videos.

But her big break came in January when Dudukovich’s song “War Paint” was featured in Fox’s network TV series “Lucifer.” In addition to the $3,000 paycheck, the high-profile song placement gave her legitimacy in the industry, making it easier to book gigs and find producers to work with.

“When I got that first placement it was so amazing and encouraging, and it made me feel like I was on the right track,” said Dudukovich, who performs under the name Chasing Jonah.

Dudukovich’s licensing deal was arranged by Santa Monica-based Songtradr, one of a handful of boutique companies in the L.A. area that have sprouted in response to the growing demand for licensing of music to films, TV shows, ads and other media.

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