Songtradr, the fastest-growing music licensing platform in the world, is introducing new capabilities for artists to monetize their music careers. Fans will now be able to support their favorite artists on the platform and tip them directly, with 100% of the net proceeds going directly to Songtradr Pro artists.

Any musician can now simply upload songs to a public profile page, highlight a featured track on the top of their page, and start receiving support from fans. There’s no set tip requirement; anyone can tip any amount over $1.

“Many music fans want to be able to tangibly support the musicians they love, and when they buy music or merchandise, especially through third party providers, only a portion of that money actually ends up in artists’ hands,” said Paul Wiltshire, founder and CEO of Songtradr. “With Songtradr’s new features, artists can have their own profile and streaming interface to share with their fans, who in return, can reward them directly.”

Fans can now feel more connected to the artists they love and leave a direct note for them when they tip. They can also share that they’ve tipped on their social networks and encourage friends to do the same.

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