Meet singer, songwriter, garage rocker, and overall badass, Anna Carmela of Thrift!

Kyle Warner: You’ve got a really badass sound with Thrift, who/what are some of your influences that led you to play this old school garage rock style?

Anna Carmela of Thrift: There are so many influences for Thrift – ranging from The Rolling Stones to Lady Gaga to Bessie Smith to Prince to Judy Garland to Nine Inch Nails… I love all types of music and like to experiment fusing different genres – mainly pop, disco, and garage rock – to create what I call “dirty disco.”

KW: Your style of music really lends itself to live performance, judging from some of your Twitter mentions you guys are great at it, is giving fans a memorable something you put a strong emphasis on?

ACoT: I definitely put a strong emphasis on the live shows. Performing is my favorite part about being in the band. I always try to think about how I feel as an audience member at other shows and what I would want to see live. The biggest thing I want to make sure of is that I allow myself to be vulnerable. I want people to feel comfortable in the audience, so I need to make sure I feel comfortable when I’m performing. In the future, I’d like to add another dimension to the live performances. I started my musical endeavors by doing theatre, and I want to add dramatic elements with a storyline and lighting at some point to Thrift shows