Edwin is a folk duo hailing from Chicago made up of talented brothers Matthew and Jake Boll.

Kyle Warner:  There’s a lot of buzz out there surrounding your latest EP ‘You Have No Idea, Man’, can you talk a little bit about creating that EP and what you guys aimed to do with that project?

Edwin: In a lot of ways making this record was a fluke.  Jake had been writing songs outside the old band we were in and I ended up joining him in the writing and adding a song.  On a whim, we sent these demos we made to this musician we both love named S. Carey.  We had played shows with him in the past and I’d heard he was starting to do some work as a producer.  After hearing the demos he invited us up to Eau Claire, WI to kind of explore what we might do together.  There is something going on up there that give you a lot of clarity and peace.  It’s cold outside, but warm inside and you kind of just hole up and let things stew.  It was one of the easiest experiences of making music I think we both have had in a long time.  Our ‘8 hour’ studio days quickly turned into ’12 hour’ days and “You Have No Idea, Man” was there at the end.

KW: What was it like working with such acclaimed musicians and producers S. Carey and Brian Joseph?
Edwin: Those two are some of the best humans we’ve met.  There was a lot of sitting and contemplating ideas for a long time, punctuated by recording whole songs at once.  Brilliant musicians, producers, engineers, but more importantly just great people.
KW: What’s next for Edwin?
Edwin: We are currently finishing up our West Coast tour and then back to our separate parts of the country for now (Jake is in LA and Matt is in New York).  We are working on new songs and hoping to go back to Brian’s barn up in WI to actually record a full-length record.  Also, there is this weird audio art type thing that we are considering releasing soon.  It’s quite different than the record but something we are more and more interested in exploring.
Album cover of folk band Edwin, both sitting looking off into distance.

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