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We asked a panel of 14 business leaders how they expect our world will change next year.

Our world is rapidly changing in dramatic and unexpected ways.

With 2018 rapidly approaching we’re doing our own bit of future-gazing, looking at the worlds of business, finance and culture, and how these will all soon change and evolve.

Take a look at The Memo‘s Team Predictions as well as those of our panels of business, finance and culture experts.The world of business has been transformed by technology, with our increasingly mobile lives turning traditional desk and office business practices upside down. We sat down with the CEOs, CTOs and executives from some of our favourite businesses leading this change.Here’s what they are expecting to change in 2018:

Paul Wiltshire

Paul is CEO of Songtradr, the music licensing platform for artists to sell directly to TV producers and filmmakers. He can be found on Twitter @PaulLWiltshire

2018 will herald a year of improved transparency, order and trust, stemming from the increased integration of blockchain technologies from both startup and maturing businesses, seeking to solve inefficiencies and disrupt old paradigms.

Despite a looming bubble, cryptocurrency trading will continue to grow in volume and value, but with plenty of volatility along the way.

In concert with what appears to be the beginning of both a human and technology shift, after a challenging last year, expect a heightened demand for credibility and honesty from both business and political leaders.

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