Ahhh…how glorious it is to start a fresh new year with a countdown and lift off!

And the awesome opportunities are already dropping in. That’s great news for artists, music and ART for you see, we believe to the very core of our mushy, art-lovin’ hearts that talent abounds and we’re here to give it a fair shake.

Check out some of the month’s highlights.

Continental world made out of musical instruments.

Songtradr Raises $4m

After months of hard work, our CEO, Paul Wiltshire has successfully raised funds for further expansion and development of Songtradr. This will aid in continuing our commitment to bringing artists and buyers together in so many more ways!       


Cover of TV show, Mysticons.

Double Nickelodeon Show Placements

“Plastic Army” by the ultra cool band, The May Fire and “Le Grand Bleu” by Love X Stereo (name and music say it all!) have flown straight to one of our fave kid shows, Mysticons, packed with glittering heroes, the defenders of all that’s good.


LE GRAND BLEU             

Female eye looking through a hole in a leaf.

Female Beauty Brand Placement

Nothing goes better with lookin’ good than feelin’ good and that’s what artist, Meeting of Minds have hit on with their feel-good track, “Lucky Day”. We’re hush hush (so far) on the name of the brand but regardless, we think beauty’s in the ears of the beholder as well as the eyes!


Elderly couple standing forehead to forehead lovingly.

Corporate Video Placement

Never let it be said that great taste in music can’t be found in the unlikeliest of places…a corporate video no less! This one happens to domicile in the life insurance world. A win for the corporate world and another for the talented Songtradr composer, Alex Khaskin with his aptly titled track, “Corporate Technology”.


R&B artist, Go1d, posing in dark blue and red light.

Featured Artists

Congratulations LetsTokyo, Beth Whitney, Go1d, (pictured), Nathan Benedict, Maksha, and 3D Friends. These talented artists have scored features on the Songtradr landing page, interviews and more. We do this every month so keep submitting. We love hearing from you!


Woman in Ardene clothing working out.

Ardene Placement

High time to get off the couch and into shape! The folks from Canadian fashion label, Ardene have stepped things into gear with their Move Activewear campaign. Sigh…toss that extra potato chip in the trash and get inspired by the Ardene babes who lead the way to Karmic’s appropriately named track,  “Higher Self”.


Pencils wearing graduation cap.

January’s College Radio Selects

Here are this month’s hot 5 of talented artists who have been chosen for promotion across 300+ college radio stations around the country through our partnership with one of America’s leading college radio promotion companies. Well done, Lolita’s Corner, Alex Siegel, Steve Bryan, Liat Arochas, and The Chloes.




Victoria Wiltshire

Victoria began her professional music career as a recording artist with Australian group, 'Culture Shock' after signing to Sony Music in 1993, resulting in a top #20 national single. Following the success of Culture Shock, she expanded her performing career to musical theater, songwriting and production. In 2003 Victoria formed a songwriting/production partnership with music producer, now-husband, Paul Wiltshire. Over the last 15 years, the pair wrote &/or produced for The Backstreet Boys, Australian Idol, Engelbert Humperdinck, Guy Sebastian, Delta Goodrem and many more, with sales exceeding 15 million internationally. Following her writing/production success, Victoria became Creative Director for 360 degree music company, PLW Entertainment, overseeing artist & product development, image design and marketing. Now as VP of Creative at Songtradr, Victoria has a passion for developing things that spring forth from her imagination and will always leap for the best possible outcomes when working with product. She also likes zoning out to a good drama movie, dining out and belting out a song around the piano.

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