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King of the Road poster, man skateboarding.

Vice’s series, “King Of The Road” follows three teams who go on a skate trip of a lifetime, shedding blood and dignity to be crowned the Kings of the Road. On the soundtrack is “I Will Do It For You” by Resnik and “Horizon” by Brian Wayy.

GT Kombucha bottle.

Thanks to GT’s Living Foods and their new Kombucha ad with Brook McWhorter’s track, “Nothing In This World, That We Can’t Do”. 


Ralph Lauren logo.

Ralph Lauren‘s new American Western Watch Collection serves up the classic RL style with timekeeping. “Bastet” by Madi Terzo creates the perfect soundtrack for their instagram campaign.


National Geographic logo.

National Geographic Channel’s brand new American docudrama miniseries, “Valley of the Boom” focuses on the 1990s tech boom and its subsequent rupture. Brian Wayy’s “Got A Plan” and  “To the Beat You All” have landed licenses on the show.

Musician Denzel White.

October’s College Radio Selects continues with this month’s 5 hot artists chosen for promotion across 300+ college radio stations around the country through our partnership with one of America’s leading promoters. Congrats to The Lovepools, Anastasi Mavrides, Narrow Skies, Explorers and Denzel White (pictured).


Album poster of Hello Shannon

Wasi, Besides Daniel, Ships Have Sailed, Hello Shannon, (pictured) North By North and Tyler Shamy were October’s fab featured artists. We are always super excited to feature such talented artists in our promo blasts as well as on our site.

Music Supervisor, Heather Guibert, posing.

Formidable music supervisors, Angela Jollivette and Heather Guibert (pictured) were October’s guest curators. Click the links to read more about their great work and listen to their expertly-curated playlists!

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Joanne Togati · December 24, 2018 at 2:22 pm

Hi Kyle,
I’m trying to break into the dance club scene. I got my first gig at Paris’s famed Nouveau Casino on New Years Eve as their feature artist. I would love for you to take a listen to my music and give any suggestions on how to get into the right playlists. Thank you so much. happy holidays! -Joanne

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