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Hallmark Channel’s “Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane” has found yet another way to tug at our heartstrings,  cementing their well-earned title as the heart of TV. This holiday tale follows siblings as they reluctantly spend a last Christmas in their childhood home. On the soundtrack is “Christmas Time with You” by Paul Robert Thomas and Angela Predhomme.

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Moving onto tech, National Geographic’s “Valley of the Boom” blows the lid off the 90s tech boom and its subsequent rupture. Congrats to Songtradr artist Brian Wayy for his inclusion in the show, with”To the Beat You All.”

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Reality sports program, Exatlōn pits some of the world’s best athletes against each other in specially-constructed arenas. If you’re an Olympian, celebrity or soccer player, feel free to apply. We’re proud to share the Songtradr artists whose tracks have made it to the finish line. Here goes: John Coggins, Epoch Failure, The Simple Parade, Shayna Rose, Erre Xi, Xcelencia, Gabriel Bravo, Bonny Boss, Dardo Schmeigel & Charlie Tnk.

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For those who have a penchant for beauty products, Fenty Beauty is here to pave the way with glittering bombs of paint and powder. Reighnbeau’s “Milk of Amnesia” and “Make Em Dance” by Turreekk have provided the soundtrack for their online ads and tutorials.

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Danni Stefanetti, Flo Chase, New Body Electric (pictured), Cali Conscious, Jamie Grant and LA Van Gogh were November’s fab featured artists. We are always super excited to feature such talented artists in our promo blasts as well as on our site.

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December’s College Radio Selects continues with this month’s 5 hot artists chosen for promotion across 300+ college radio stations around the country through our partnership with one of America’s leading promoters. Congrats to Atticvibes, The OK Social Club (pictured) , Lazyrevs, Honor Bound and Allona.

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Esteemed music supervisor, Gary Calamar was the month’s guest curator bringing us his delicious “Disco” playlist, and back to the time of glitter, platforms, white jean, and anything silk.




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