It was time to shake things up at our brand new Santa Monica headquarters with the return of our beloved Songtradr Sessions. What better way to do that than to celebrate the talent of our artist community with intoxicating live performances by Karen Dezelle, Rust & Gold, and Joe Marson?

Karen Dezelle

Karen Dezelle’s songwriting and composition talents combine indie folk, pop, alt-country, and Americana influences. Playing famed venues and festivals across the US and UK, including SXSW, House of Blues, The Hotel Cafe, Ain’t Nothin But Blues Bar, and The Bitter End, rounds out this singer/songwriter’s creative sphere. After the success of her 2013, 2014, and 2016 albums, “Lost and Found,” “Bloom, Unfold, Wither,” and “Room For Two,”  Dezelle set to work crafting the beautiful and emotional songs that make up her latest EP, “Secret in the Heart of the Poet,” released in February of this year.

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Rust & Gold

Worthy of an epic love story, Lucy Clearwater and Tudor Williams met as contestants on American Idol in 2018.  From this coupling emerged the songwriting force, Rust & Gold. Together they combine beautiful harmonies with classic Folk and Americana composition.

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Joe Marson

Joe Marson is a gypsy soul with a calling to make music. He refers to it as “Electric Soul Magic”, pouring all his experiences into lyric and song from his time as a young world traveler. Marson creates timeless music that bridges the gap between the influential decades that inspire his songwriting. These elements can be heard in songs he’s had placed in major films like Marvel’s Deadpool as well as popular television series, FX’s Justified and Netflix’s Bloodline.

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