Aimee de Beer

Photo by Ian Maddox

This week’s Artist Video Spotlight features indie pop artist, Aimee deBeer and her recently released music video, “Billboards”.

The first single from her debut EP, “Billboards” is a commentary on modern media culture. The song and video address the overwhelming bombardment of messages about who to be, and the superficiality those demands can create. 

The lyrics “everything is beautiful, and no one feels the pain” were derived from Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five. The phrase repeats throughout the song as chorus guitar and cinematic percussion build behind DeBeer’s nostalgic vocals.

Set in the desert of Southern California, the video was directed by Nev Todorovic who has also created music videos for Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and Drake.

Through the eyes of the camera, we follow deBeer across a desolate landscape populated by billboards with messages as dystopian as the novel behind the lyrics. Common media messages are distilled down to their simplest form, revealing their absurdity and underscoring the song’s meaning.

“Billboards” is as haunting as it is beautiful and leaves the viewer with the same question her EP poses: Who Will Save the Universe?

Check out Aimee’s music video using the link above and hear her debut EP, out now.

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