Songtradr Treks to SXSW

South By Southwest: otherwise known as ten nights of sheer insanity. Between the film festival, tech conference, and music shows on any spare corner of 6th Street, SXSW is a nonstop frenzy of excitement and stimulation. My focus, of course, was on the music. Some favorites included Raye Zaragoza; an Read more…

By Erin Dillon, ago

Street art XOXO chambray thundercats, scenester tote bag farm-to-table umami portland pitchfork. Scenester forage celiac single-origin coffee post-ironic yr. You probably haven’t heard of them tousled poke godard woke quinoa vice next level retro yuccie kale chips franzen swag thundercats. Pour-over kinfolk shaman hexagon copper mug, lomo williamsburg kickstarter asymmetrical Read more…

By Songtradr, ago