We are proud to announce that one of our favorite artists, Chasing Jonah, recently scored a placement on Lucifer, which aired on FOX last month.

Kyle Warner: First off, congrats on the Lucifer placement! Your story is crazy, from financing your first project on Kickstarter to now hearing your music on TV! What does it feel like to see such progress?

Chasing Jonah: Thanks Kyle! It feels so surreal and extremely encouraging to finally receive my first few placements! Having a career in the arts can be disheartening at times. You can spend years working really hard and not see any results and then suddenly something wonderful like this happens that finally propels you quite a few steps forward. I am very thankful for the opportunities that I’ve received through Songtradr.

KW: Have you seen any new opportunities arise after this placement?

CJ: It’s interesting that my career had already been picking up in multiple areas right around the same time I received the Lucifer placement. Sometimes it all happens at once and other times you go for a decent amount of time without anything happening. Once the episode of Lucifer aired with my song, I definitely received a nice of boost of social media followers and attention via Youtube and Spotify, etc. What’s really interesting is that I have gained a significant increase of an international following with new fans from over 30 countries reaching out to me. It’s always fascinating to see how much music can connect people. It’s only been a few weeks since the show has aired and the attention I’ve been receiving for the song has been growing steadily. I’m looking forward to seeing what else happens over the next few months.

KW: Do you feel like you have found a sound conducive to getting synced?

CJ: I definitely think that I’ve gotten into a better rhythm lyrically for placements. I have noticed that they look for more ambiguous themes that can apply to many different settings. I have had a tendency to be a bit wordy and poetic with my previous work, which can be difficult to find use for if it’s too specific. As far as sound, I love trying new things and will continue to do so. There are always opportunities for different styles of music. From an acoustic backdrop to more anthemic themes and even the dream pop aesthetic that my song “War Paint” has. However, I will probably do my best to still keep my personal touch on each piece so that all of my music still sounds cohesive and I can still market it to my current fanbase.

KW: You’ve been traveling all over the map! Where are you off to and what are you working on next?

CJ: Right now, I have actually taken a break from touring to focus on producing a new album as well as a few other side projects. I’ve also been taking some time to work on my musicianship and get better at my craft. Working more on developing my piano, guitar, and voice technique and I’ve even begun to pick up the cello. I will mostly be traveling around Florida and back and forth to LA over the next year. Once we finish the new album, my team will be taking the steps toward marketing it and booking a tour. Until then, it’s musical boot camp for me! I’ve always felt that it’s important to keep learning and growing in every way you can.



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