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Last Thursday afternoon, I was chatting with a colleague about our favorite albums of the year.

Instantly, The Witch by UK band Pumarosa jumped into my head with the thought, “I wonder when they’re coming to LA.”  A quick google search turned up serendipitous news: they would be in town that very night!

After hemming and hawing about whether or not I wanted to go out on a Thursday night, something in me felt like I really shouldn’t miss it. Before I knew it I was checked out on Ticketfly! They were playing in downtown LA at Resident; an intimate stage tucked behind a charming outdoor cafe you could easily miss if you weren’t looking. 

The five-piece took the stage at 10pm and instantly got into a groove while singer, Isabel Munoz-Newsome rocketed/propelled into the spellbinding set without greeting the audience. As if on cue, the whole crowd collectively shuffled closer to the stage.


By far the peak of the show was four songs in when they performed the staggering, nearly eight-minute track, “Priestess”. Between the mesmerizing psychedelic guitar, Isabel gliding around the stage in a trance, and the unexpectedly beautiful sax solo, the energy in the small club was palpable.

For a band who’s released only one album, they’ve impressively honed their ‘industrial spiritual’ sound. If they’re coming to your city and electro post-punk goth rock is your kinda thing, I highly suggest you get up and go.


Pumarosa is Isabel Munoz-Newsome (guitar/vocals), Jamie Neville (guitar), Nick Owen (drummer), Henry Brown (bassist), and Tomoya Suzuki (keyboardist/saxophonist).




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