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It’s April 2013 and Matthew Sikora, Liz Forde, and Devin Buttner have an epiphany. Accomplished musicians in their own right, each had been writing, playing and recording in bands around L.A., but were yet to unearth the collaborative chemistry all creatives seek. At a party held by a mutual friend, the trio met and inevitably, the subject of music, influences, and ambitions sprang forth. Yes, you’ve guessed it. Chemistry imbued, sparks flew and thus, SIKORA was born.

Sikora’s music is a blend of dance, pop, and rock with influences from various other EDM sub-genres. “We’re fans of so many artists and styles of music, that when we began writing as a group, a blend of various genres began to emerge and it became clear that we were doing something different,” explains Matthew. “We loved the tight harmonies of some of the vocal groups, but also loved the rawness of the Chili Peppers, the quirkiness and fun of the B-52’s, the innovation of Bowie, and of course we love the EDM DJ scene… Avicii in particular. It seemed completely natural for us to fuse these together. Each of us brings different talents and influences to the group. Our vocal blend was magic, our intuitive musical instincts were effortless, and thankfully, we actually like being around each other!” – Bio from Sikora.com

We caught up with Sikora before their set at The Satellite, for Songtradr Live, to discuss what inspired them to create music, their performance at a Bernie Sanders rally, and the inception of samples.

Hear more Sikora here.


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