MIDEM is the leading international business event for the music ecosystem.

Midem was four action-packed days with more than 6,000 key international music professionals, cutting-edge tech companies, brands, ad agencies, and fresh artists.


Games, Websites, Snapchat, Musical.ly Clips, Corporate Videos, User Generated Content for Youtube or Facebook, Clips in Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality, Instagram Photos and Influencer Videos with Music Footage – All these are formats in the here and now and with a lot of future, which are underlaid with music. The short life of this “new media” does not raise prices, lengthy legal clarification is uneconomical for all sides. Producers, agencies and sync department of music companies discuss how they tackle this challenge.


Sponsored by SynchAudio Speakers: Janesta Boudreau, Music Supervisor & Sync Director, Rocking Horse Road/Coversion (Canada) David McGinnis, General Manager, Mute Song (UK) Paul Wiltshire, CEO, Songtradr (USA)

Moderator: Emma Bartholomew, PR, Freelance Journalist, Emma Bartholomew PR (UK)


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