Songtradr just inked a serious partnership with Mood Media, a massive supplier of in-store music.

Once upon a time, getting radio play was the only real way to gain exposure.  Now, technology has blown that memory to bits, with a strange twist for in-store retail play.  Thanks to on-the-spot recognition by apps like Shazam and Songtradr, people can quickly ID a catchy song.  And potentially become a longer-term fan.

Enter Songtradr, a company steadily shaking up a once-closed synchronization business.  Just this week, the company inked a deal with Mood Media, which offers in-store music to roughly 500,000 stores worldwide.  Now, Songtradr users can submit music to play in that massive network, and realize the upside from potential fans and performance royalties.

Songtradr has also inked a distribution agreement with PlayNetwork, which supplies music to heavyweights like Starbucks.  That’s a lot of potential retailers, and a lot of potential listeners.

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