Once a month the Songtradr crew gather to celebrate artists from the community, often LA locals who share a snippet of their work in the name of music.

This week, three thoughtful artists blessed our Santa Monica lounge-turned-stage with very personal works we were all able to relate to.

Michael Kaiser revisited a time many of us may remember right after the Pulse shootings, Mary Scholz expressed the human, existential need to get away every now and again, and Nico Franc told a tale about something a lot of us (unfortunately) know all too well — being ghosted! Without further ado, please enjoy these selections from Michael Kaiser, Mary Scholz, and Nico Franc…

Michael Kaiser

30 Rings

Poet-turned-singer/songwriter Michael Kaiser moved from Florida to LA for love, and stayed for the love of music. The artist’s folksy-soulful, somber feel — inspired by musicians like Irish singer Damien Rice — has graced such coveted stages as The Hotel Cafe and Desert Nights. 

“30 Rings” bloomed from a quiet day in Kaiser’s home state, just shortly after the devastating Pulse shooting. His beautifully captured feelings became melancholic lyrics accompanied by soft, repetitive strums of his guitar. It’s a song about self-reflection, honesty, and recognition of all the little things that build and shape us into who we are. His single “30 Rings” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

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Mary Scholz 


Philly-born folk singer Mary Scholz was raised in a musical family and released her first EP in 2007. She’s been touring the world and creating more music ever since. Her recent album California has been deemed the most raw, organic look at her songwriting, and dubbed her the “Folk Explorer” within the LA-music scene. 

We all want to get away sometimes, and Mary Scholz drove that point home with her poignant single, “Lonesome.” Blues-esque chords paired with Scholz’s satin-like, folk vocals made for a hearty journey for the audience, as we listened intently to lyrics about feeling overwhelmed and hoping for a moment of sanctuary. Somehow Scholz made a song about retreating that doubles as a healing mantra itself, and for that we’re grateful.

Mary Scholz performs all over Los Angeles and around the world, so be sure to check out her site for any upcoming shows. Her latest LP, California, is available now.

Nico Franc


Nico Franc is a singer and musician from Rhode Island. Franc’s modern take on groovy pop makes it tough to truly place him in any one genre, and that’s often what people love about him. He credits his unique style to a childhood of exploring musical greats like Stevie Wonder and Sting, all the way to Tony Bennett and James Taylor. 

Franc informed us, while his song may be about ghosting, it wouldn’t make us sad. He was absolutely right. His catchy refrain and upbeat energy had us all tapping our feet as if Franc wasn’t singing about getting dumped. Midway he broke into a bluesy-rock guitar solo that enthralled us, before dropping his voice and instrument to a mild whisper just to build us all up again. Not heard in the video: the crowd requesting an encore! Franc’s 5-song EP, The One Take Sessions (2016) is available now.

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