The spirit of autumn overtook our cozy kitchen-stage in Santa Monica a couple weeks ago, even though summer hadn’t fully left us, yet…


That’s because the three, heartfelt artists we highlighted at our last Songtradr Sessions captured the essence of community and togetherness tantamount to the season. Once a month, we invite artists from our Songtradr community to perform some of their select work. We’re happy to share with you a glimpse of the performances by Willow Stephens, Chandler Juliet, and Beck Pete — three soul-touching singers who truly embody the warm nature of fall. 


Willow Stephens

Paper Cranes

Singer-songwriter Willow Stephens made her start in the Montana coffeeshop circuit. From there, the midwestern songstress grew from folk roots into finding inspiration from both electronic and R&B, later prompting her to join hip-hop artist Andy Mineo’s artist collective, Miner League Co in 2016. 


It’s so easy to get lost in the mesmerizing world of a Willow Stephens’ song. As soon as Stephens strums the first notes to “Paper Cranes” beside her guitarist and co-writer, Grant Saylor, we’re invested. If you’d like to hear more entrancing music by Willow Stephens, her new single “Labyrinth” from her album All that Glitters debuted just last week. Willow released her EP in 2017 and launches her DIY Tour with first stop, Rogue River, Oregon, this October. To find out Stephen’s next tour stops, or learn more about her music, you can head to Willow Stephen’s official site.

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Chandler Juliet 

Burning Sage  

LA native Chandler Juliet is an indie-pop songstress with a chill, yet strong vibe and hooks that will make you want to sing along.


Chandler Juliet has figured out how to captivate an audience with just her voice and guitar, and we’re grateful for it. Her song of choice, “Burning Sage,” flows with an almost Jason Mraz-esque cadence, taking on a rhythmic journey, line by line, all the way back to a catchy chorus that may even inspire you to burn some sage when you get home. Juliet released her EP ‘elements’ earlier this year. Most recently, she debuted her single, “Take it or Leave It,” a groovy empowerment anthem, on all streaming platforms.

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Beck Pete


Beck Pete is an indie-pop artist based in Los Angeles, CA. In an interview with The Music Mermaid, Beck expressed being driven to “normalize feeling and normalize heartbreak,” with her music, and makes it a point to be unapologetically vulnerable in her songwriting process.


Beck Pete is a self-described, “muse-based” singer/songwriter, and it’s exciting to ponder what inspirations influenced her while writing the song she performed for us called “Romantic”. One thing is for sure though — Pete’s deep, soulful voice conveys the raw emotion behind her single “Romantic” in a way only she could. As she sways and moves through the music you can feel the vulnerability, tension and love behind every lyric. It’s no wonder she caught Netflix’s eye with her single “Gently Break It”, which was featured on season two of the hit show, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

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