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Dana Hobson. Daniel Wolf. Patrick Zeinali.

Mistaken filmmaker. Bounces on stage. Avid reader.

Think you know which member of The Danes is which?

Dana Hobson (vocals) is the avid reader, Daniel Wolf (guitar, production) the guy who wrote 3 albums during film school before realizing he was in the wrong career and Patrick Zeinali (drums) exhibits a proclivity for bouncing off his stool at shows.

Los Angeles based rock band, The Danes, completed their trio when drummer, Zeinali, discovered the others on Craigslist. He joined Hobson and Wolf to bring us their unique brand of music which challenges the traditional boundaries of the genre.

So too is Hobson’s unpretentious vocal style which in one moment lures us into sweet dreaminess and then hoists us up for a good shake, the next. Couple this with Wolf’s enigmatic writing and production skills and finish off with a grand dose of the irrepressible beat man, Zeinali and we got ourselves one power cocktail.

The Danes “can be described as rock, but this type of narrow brand is certainly unfair…” – Chillsoundsgoodmusic

“Doesn’t sound like any song I’ve ever heard in my life… I couldn’t tell you what kind of music you three listen to. Who influences you at all?… That’s crazy how you can do that… Amazing.” – Frank form Heidi and Frank 95.5FM KLOS

“Intrepid indie rock rock rhythms that challenge the hearts of their bursts of pep to the gentler touch.” – Pause Musicale

“The hard hitting new single, ‘The Ultimate Tool’, underlines the effects of undermining individuals through acts of utilization on the stage of some big anthem scale action.” – Impose Magazine



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