Hello to all 2.0-ers out there!

The marathon is over and we are tired and sweaty but still jumping for joy over bringing you the new site with awesome, revolutionary features and much-improved tools…all to pave the way for even more licensing opportunities, which by the way we’re into the thousands and still counting. Yes!!

So hopefully you’ll forgive the aromas of our exertions and see them instead, as the sweet smells of your success.

Pant, pant…have fun exploring the new site…and now, here’s a whiff of what we dished up last month.


Fifty Shades Darker is the Bomb!

Time to whack those Masquerade Ball masks back on, folks. The smash hit, Fifty Shades Darker is showing no signs of waning, now with John Coggins’ track, “Bomb Baby” owned by Rock Salt Music placed for use on the DVD, Blu-Ray Home Video campaign. Nice one!



Netflix Placement for “Ever”

“All it takes is one night.” That’s the tagline for the Netflix thriller, You Get Me. In Tiny Deaths’ case, all it took was one song, “Ever” to grab this placement!



TNT Show Grabs A “Pretty Boy”

TNT’s brand new pilot, Animal Kingdom hasn’t had their fill of pretty boys it seems, putting The May Fire’s song by the same name to good use!



Toyota Plays Pizzicato

Every company needs branding videos, right? Well, this motoring giant is no exception, using “Pizzicato” from Songtradr artist, Cloud Nine Audio to pop some pip into their online presence. What? Have a listen and you’ll know what we mean.


UK guild.png

Launch of UK & European Guild of Music Supervisors

Congratulations to all Music Supervisors around the globe! These oft-unsung music specialists work hard to bring us the oh so important music element of visual media. The formation of a guild is a chance for them to celebrate and be celebrated. We have one here, it’s great to have a UK counterpart as well. Welcome guys, we’re coming over for a pint with bangers and mash!



5 More Songtradr Artists on College Radio Deal

Our partnership with one of America’s leading college radio promotion companies allows us to open the door for 5 more of our artists to be promoted across 300+ college radio stations around the country. We might even be inspired to shop for mortar boards…in Songtradr orange of course. Congrats to Sharkmuffin, Gal Pals, The Go Set, Dream Brother and Kasket Club.



Songtradr Artists Custom-Build Tracks for Major Network

It’s always nice when your talent’s appreciated, and very nice when it comes from a major player. Six awesomely talented artists on Songtradr were invited to create music for an ad campaign. Betty Moon, Boyschoir, Kaii Dreams, S.A.K., Shaturia and Koko + Emeryld, we’re feelin’ kinda proud right now.



In the Mood for a Great Deal?

Mood Media is the largest overhead music provider in the world. (Woah!) 500,000+ locations playing Songtradr artists’ music, reaching 150 million people a day? (Yeah!!) That’s more opportunity for exposure and revenue for Songtradrs, getting their music off those hard drives and out there working for them. Look out for this one on our new Deals Board in the coming weeks!



Ardene Clothing Placement

With a campaign entitled, “Coasting”, we’re all sure to feel like doing same, especially with a northern hemi Summer coasting in soon. And what a perfect coupling of titles, with Esjay Jones’ upbeat track, “Get Us Hot” on Ardene’s new online ad.



Major Compilation Distribution Deal

Compilations are still going strong it seems for this major compilation distribution company, who’s just signed a deal with yours truly. This is great news for scores of Songtradr artists whose music is doing the hard work for them while they eat, sleep, take in a movie…or make more music.

Some of the great companies we work with…

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Victoria Wiltshire

Victoria began her professional music career as a recording artist with Australian group, 'Culture Shock' after signing to Sony Music in 1993, resulting in a top #20 national single. Following the success of Culture Shock, she expanded her performing career to musical theater, songwriting and production. In 2003 Victoria formed a songwriting/production partnership with music producer, now-husband, Paul Wiltshire. Over the last 15 years, the pair wrote &/or produced for The Backstreet Boys, Australian Idol, Engelbert Humperdinck, Guy Sebastian, Delta Goodrem and many more, with sales exceeding 15 million internationally. Following her writing/production success, Victoria became Creative Director for 360 degree music company, PLW Entertainment, overseeing artist & product development, image design and marketing. Now as VP of Creative at Songtradr, Victoria has a passion for developing things that spring forth from her imagination and will always leap for the best possible outcomes when working with product. She also likes zoning out to a good drama movie, dining out and belting out a song around the piano.

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