Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”   Mahatma Gandhi

August has come and gone…
…but the art lives on. With featured artists from around the globe, Peruvian retail outlets, and cinematic stories of people everywhere bringing change, it’s been immensely satisfying to add our talented artists into this creative pot.

Read on for the month’s highlights!

Hurricane movie poster.

Starring Iwan Rheon, best known for Ramsay Bolton who chilled our hearts in Game of Thrones, Hurricane is the story of a group of brave Poles who fought in WW2 to loosen the grip of the Nazis. Congrats to Glenn Crytzer and his orchestra for multiple placements on the film!


Songtradr distribution offer.

Songtradr Distro is here! For artists who would like to add on distribution services to Spotify, Apple Music, and other major outlets, Songtradr Distro is a simple way to get it done. Release an unlimited amount of tracks and keep 100% of your royalties too.

Valentina film poster.

Just released on HBOGOValentina is a comedy short about a fastidious housekeeper whose vagina inconveniently speaks up while she is at work, demanding better pay and conditions. Listen out for Idan K.’s track, “The Cumbia Within” and read more about filmmaker, Mary Molina’s journey.

Exposure film poster.
In J.D. Funari’s new short film, “Exposure”, a young couple fights for survival in the harsh California desert and confront the choices which brought them to a crossroads in their relationship. Congrats on getting placed to Skinny Ridler for “Thought I Was Stuck” and Fox & Mew for “Worth the Thrill”.

Tiendas Paris Peru logo.

With 11 stores across Latin America in just a handful of years, Tiendas Paris Peru puts the zing in retail. Thanks to their team for licensing “Watch Me Now” by Brittany Pfantz for their new fashion video campaign.


Music Supervisor, Heather Guibert.
Formidable music supervisors, Chris Mollere and Heather Guibert (pictured) were August’s guest curators. Click the links to read more about their great work and listen to their expertly-curated playlists!

The Rumble
August’s College Radio Selects continues with this month’s 5 hot artists chosen for promotion across 300+ college radio stations around the country through our partnership with one of America’s leading promoters. Congrats to The Rumble (pictured), Charlie, Globuldub, Ourlives and Future Kings of Denmark.

Raindance film festival.

For more than 25 years, Raindance has dedicated efforts towards fostering and promoting independent film around the world. The founders of the Raindance Film Festival and the British Independent Film Awards has partnered with Songtradr to connect independent filmmakers with our global music community.

New Songtradr CFO, Clare Nicholls.

Songtradr is pleased to welcome CFO,  Clare Nicholls to the executive team, who brings over 20 years experience in financial negotiation and strategic and operational assessment in the TMT sector. Welcome Clare!

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