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In this month’s issue, we talk sportswear, reality tv, SXSW and the emergence of some stunning UK artists.

What’s the point of it all?
From time to time, we hear rumblings of, “Has anyone had a placement with Songtradr?” or “Is Songtradr legit?”

100% real human beings.
Yes, we’re real and Songtradr is real. We live and breathe music, technology, entertainment and licensing. We’re in the business of unearthing incredible talent, connecting and licensing their music to a world of opportunity. We work hard and we care. Read on for some of the month’s highlights.


Bravo’s hot reality TV show, Vanderpump Rules continues with the onslaught of personal battles, triumphs, betrayals and mudslinging by its primped upcast. Congrats to two of our artists this month for their placements: “Got My Heart” by Mair and “Female Pop Club” by Jordan Steven.



Charly, one of Mexico’s premier sports brands gets us looking and feeling right in their upcoming ad campaign with Jessie Poland’s vibrant track, “Let’s Celebrate”. Agreed, guys.



Beat Fever is the top mobile music app connecting artists and music fans like never before and now teamed up with Songtradr, 8.6 million players worldwide get the chance to ‘play’ music from thousands of our artists! Visit our Monetization Board to opt in your songs for this and other opportunities!


National Treasure director, Jon Turteltaub talked to us this month about movies, music, and life as a big-time movie guy. Check out what he had to say on our blog.

college-radio (2)
College radio placements round out the month nicely with 5 artists chosen for promotion across 300+ college radio stations around the country through our partnership with America’s leading college radio promoters. Congrats to Matthew Cue, Swim Atlantic, The Blemish, Edwin and our very own Bentley Foy.

Another SXSW has come and gone, this time attended by our music expertise, Erin Dillon, pictured here amongst the action with Songtradr artist, Raye Zaragoza. Check out Erin’s thoughts and pics from the event.

Anthology “Covenant” is our fourth in the series, this time featuring a super cool collection of artists from the UK in celebration of our new partnership. Check out these 12 artists’ videos and their other tracks. (Links are in the description)
The UK Team is blossoming! Where there was once one, now there are three.  From left, Will Hughes, Jemma Skidmore and heading up the team, Charlie Dilks. Nice pic guys. You almost look as good as the Songtradr sign! 😉

There’s more to a great photo than “Cheese”! Most artists have had one and those worth their salt know it takes energy and planning to properly realize a creative photographic vision. Read our blog post packed full of pro tips on getting prepared.

Some of the great companies we work with…

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