“Without music, life would be a mistake.”
— Friedrich Nietzsche

Glitz, glamor, and gladness…

This month, we’re heating up under the bright lights on the style front. With studio lamps, arena lighting and glorious mirror balls, say goodbye to those dark corners with brilliant placements to match.

Now step into the spot for this month’s highlights!


Will.i.am and “Specsavers” make a pretty pair and an ultra-cool spectacle of the eyewear industry. Locking in the audio, let’s welcome Jay.Soul X Justo the MC with their track, “Crooklyn In Me”.



ABC’s mega show, “Dancing with the Stars” is back, this time spinning the mirror ball for an exclusive athletes-only series. Fitness won’t be an issue but will these muscley movers be able to mamba or moonwalk? We’ll see. Nice work from John Coggins, whose track, “Dreamer” will be heard in the promo spots.

What’s dancing without some cool duds? Thankfully, Chilean clothing brand, “Index”, has us covered along with a fabulous soundtrack by Karmic’s “Higher Self” and Kritikal’s “Stuck Like Glue”.
There’s art on the dancefloor and art on canvas, which is exactly what artiste extraordinaire, Zoé Boivin, does with elements of the earth and her imaginings. A textured, color-filled hello to our extraordinary artists, Let’s Tokyo with “Bright Lights”.

From overhead lights to overhead music with Audio Marketing. That’s thousands of placements for Songtradr artists this month for this blanket deal from Poland. Dziękuję!

Learn more about our Monetization Portal which includes amazing opportunities.

SuperBreak time with our friends at Jansport keeping us organized when we’re on the go. Excited to share the actual spot which features “Freedom” by Matthew Cue.
Now that we’re all geared up, how ’bout some awesome wheels. Industry Nine gets us on the road with their cool wheels, tools, and hubs with Young Planet’s aptly-named “Do Something”. Very funky.
…and to finish it off nicely, lusciously, organic skin products from Cocosolis ensure we’re golden and glowing under those hot studio lights! Thank you Tre Houston for making us all sound good with your super-luscious track, “As Far As You Want To”.
CADE, Kelsey Kopecky, Patrick Joseph, Yinka Diz, Matthew Cue and Dallas Cowboy wide receiver, Cole Beasley (pictured), were May’s fab featured artists. A nice roundup of genres with a hip-hop special to bring us home!

May’s College Radio Selects continues with this month’s 5 hot artists chosen for promotion across 300+ college radio stations around the country through our partnership with one of America’s leading promoters. Congrats to Edwin, IL:LO (pictured), Kozze, Switchback, and Giants Must Fall.



Another Midem just over which brings together industry from all over the world. Our CEO, Paul Wiltshire, spoke about New Media Formats on a panel alongside Janesta Boudreau, Music Supervisor & Sync Director, Rocking Horse Road/Coversion(Canada) David McGinnis, General Manager, Mute Song (UK) and moderated by Emma Bartholomew, PR, Freelance Journalist, Emma Bartholomew PR (UK).

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