The Verigolds are an indie, psychedelic rock band hailing from San Diego, CA.

They have been gaining a lot of traction in the SoCal music scene and it’s no mystery why, they have plenty of talent. We sat down to learn a little more about them and their journey so far.

Kyle Warner: How did you all come to meet?

Verigolds: Ben and Eliot grew up together in Ocean Beach, a small town straight out of the 60’s in San Diego, CA. They met Jenna while working at a local bar/restaurant near the beach. The guys lived in a shack in the yard behind the restaurant and slept in sleeping bags under the instruments they collected in the house (we called it The Box). Jenna and friends would come over after most work shifts and the instruments were usually played. Jenna didn’t let on that she could sing for a while. One day our friend, Celeste Byers, was putting on her first art show at a new place in town and asked the guys to perform. They asked Jenna to back them up on vocals and had one practice to go over a few songs they had written. Jenna invited Craig to the show (the two had met through renting the same Craigslist house). The show sparked Craig’s interest and talk began in the following weeks about the groups need for a drummer…and a drum set. So Eliot went out, got a set and they all met at The Box for regular jam sessions. Jams turned into songs and practices turned into shows.

KW: You guys have this indie, psychedelic rock sound that I think is rad. How did that sound come to be?

V: We all share tastes in music. A lot of that palette focuses on classic rock and older tunes. Ocean Beach, with its 60s/70s beach vibe definitely lends a hand to the sculpting of our sound. But, at the same time we put the effort into getting out and finding modern influences. Music festivals, local shows and parties keep the band’s music library on constant shuffle.

KW: When I listen to your music I transplant to a certain psychedelic state of mind (it might have something to do with your album artwork too), is that something you actively try to create or is it just natural?

V: Natural, most definitely. We live together and write out music together. If our household/family vibe is lacking, so is the music and creativity. So naturally, when we thrive, so does the music. We are lucky enough to have some very talented and supportive friends, like Celeste Byers and Aaron Glasson (who did the “For Margaret” album cover). When it comes to artwork we may suggest a few ideas to the artist, but always allow them the space to wield their own visions.

KW: I saw that you won San Diego’s best new artist last year, congrats by the way, how has that experience changed the trajectory of The Verigolds?

V: It definitely helped to legitimize our efforts, both in the eyes of our families/friends and venues. We’re very thankful for that because the shows keep growing, which pushes us to create better music and a memorable live act.

KW: What was it like playing at Kaaboo? Does an atmosphere like that propel your performance to a new level?

V: Ah man…that was truly an unforgettable weekend. Standing on stage next to Jimmy Buffet, while watching Hall and Oates rock. Meeting artists like The Struts, The Avett Brothers, Sugar Ray, Third Eye Blind…we’re hooked. We’ve already come back and starting writing a new song.

KW: Do you feel like you’ve had a, “We’ve made it” moment?

V: That’s a hard moment to picture because as artists we’re constantly striving to create something new and better. But, having a little boy from Brazil send us a video was definitely a heart-opener.

KW: What was the process like in making your debut album, “For Margaret“? And what was the goal for that album?

V: We pretty much did it ourselves, in the garage. We had help recording the drums from our friend, Jerik Centeno. It was a huge crash course in technology, professional musicianship and perseverance. We just wanted something to send to the venues in order to start booking better shows. It worked. Now were taking things to the studio. Let’s hope the coming releases take it even further.

KW: Now that you have all this music out there, where would you ideally like to see it get licensed?

V: The main goal is to get the music out there as far and wide as possible. Together we’ll manifest the right channels to make it happen.

KW: What’s next for The Verigolds?

V: Recording our EP, then the road. Events like SXSW, Kaaboo, Coachella, Bottle Rock, etc. are the goal. That’s where we’ve had some of our greatest times in the audience. Now we get to pay our dues and return the favor.

Listen to the Verigolds on Songtradr.


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