Michelle Lewis is an award-winning singer, songwriter and composer, having won a coveted Peabody for her music on the Disney Jr. show, Doc McStuffins. Her résumé is a hefty one, having worked with the likes of Cher, Shawn Colvin, Hilary Duff, Kay Hanley, and Kelly Osbourne.

Part 1: Interviewer, Brandon Christy sits down with Michelle on why songwriters are getting such disappointing paychecks from streaming services. Where is your money going when you pay your $10 a month to stream music?

Part 2: Michelle discusses her legal battle to bring the money back to the songwriters and why companies like Spotify are losing money. Michelle believes that as streaming services lose the “middle class” of the music industry i.e. songwriters, their product becomes bland.

Songtradr CEO, Paul Wiltshire, also shares his thoughts about the streaming business and some of its problems. Click here to learn more



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