2017, what a year! We went around the office and asked each member of the team which songs got them through 2017 in style!

Eric M: Although I wish I could add a few tracks from 4:44 on here, “Blossom” by Milky Chance was my favorite album of the year – funky as ever, and even better live. The rest of the tracks mean a lot to me, lyrically representing different events occurring throughout 2017. Many tracks, such as “The Life” and “Lake Shore Drive” are songs I rediscovered that I haven’t heard since I was an infant. Finally- Fleetwood Mac goes hard.

Victoria W: Any soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat, but Kyle Warner won’t let me back in the office until I choose one, so my pick is “The Imitation Game”. This is just one of those albums that inevitably soothes no matter what craziness swirls around me.

Satya F 2017 was such an eclectic but exciting year of music for me. I included some of my favorite artists that I discovered over the course of the year as well as a few nostalgic songs that I always come back to. It definitely was a great year for neo-soul, jazz, and hip-hop fusion! Being the sync-nerd I am, I couldn’t help but also throw in a few songs that I discovered from TV and film soundtracks. Enjoy!

Steve C: I chose these from the past year ….(even though there are many, many others) …because they not only appeal to the listener, they create a clear visual image that lends itself naturally to picture…They are just really good songs that resonate on many levels.

Kyle W: What a fantastic year for hip-hop. We got the release of ‘Damn’ by the G.O.A.T. Kendrick Lamar, ‘Beautiful Thugger Girls’ from Young Thug which featured my favorite song of 2017, ‘Family Don’t Matter’ and of course I had to throw in some of Frank Ocean’s, ‘Blonde’. My 2017 playlist…

Erin D: It really is crazy how fast time flies, but the beauty of music is how quickly it can transport you to a specific time and place. Each of these songs holds a special place in my heart for a moment I’ll always remember in 2017.

Steve K: Not all these selections are from 2017, but most are. The ones that aren’t, were tracks I revisited due to events that occurred during the year. RIP Chris and Chester.

Bo B: First year in LA; maybe it shows in the music? 2017 was the year of groovy palm muted guitars, catchy flowing melodies, saturated synths, and gated-reverb-soaked tight drums cutting through rich mixes held together with just the right amount of cheese. Plus, some friends made some great records too.

Bentley F: This playlist spans a good deal of the musical spectrum from heavy dance music to smooth Nu-disco and a little country that hits right in the feels. Thanks for checking out my top 10 favorite tracks that were released in 2017!

Megan G: These were my favorite songs of 2017 because of their sweet melodic lines and head bumping grooves.

Stephanie J: I had a really hard time narrowing it down, there were so many great new artists and albums this year. Little Dragon, Tyler the Creator, The xx, Kendrick Lamar, Thundercat, were just a few of my favorite new albums of the year. Check my Spotify for the full list.

Charlie D: 10 songs I like including two shameless plugs.

Zac H: This year has been full of ups and downs for the whole world. I do not know it that is reflected in my playlist but I can tell you that this music helped me get through the year.

James Z: Songs to listen to, ’nuff said.

Helge S


Well, that’s a wrap! What were your favorite tracks this year?! Let us know in the comments.

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